Hormone Enhancement

Our Natural Hormone Enhancement program presents a practical system to combat and even reverse the physical degeneration and body composition changes associated with aging. For the athlete and body builder, the Hormone Enhancement program provides the ultimate advantage in the quest for a champion physique and optimal performance. But if you are not an athlete, the program still works.

We have a questionnaire to determine whether you are a candidate for our Natural Hormone Enhancement Program. Use our Contact Us Link and we can email you the questionnaire.

The Natural Hormone Enhancement Program includes: 1)Diet, 2)Exercises, 3)Supplementation, and 4)Life Style Modification.

Diet – The use of food to stimulate fat-burning and muscle-building hormones with a revolutionary non-restrictive dietary program designed to maximize the effects of food on your hormone levels.

Exercises - You will use hormonally intelligent exercises to get 2-3 times the results in half the time. The calories you burn are irrelevant-what matters is the metabolic and hormonal force set into motion by your workout. The exercises involve these 6 factors: intensity, volume, duration, frequency, "load", and exercise selection. Specific exercises will be delineated in a future section.

Please contact Dr. Sutanto if you would like more information about our Hormone Enhancement program.

Hormone Enhancement