Hormone Enhancement Self Test Part II


24. Do you often get colds or feel sick? +2

25. Do you commonly feel aches or pains? +1

26. Is your blood cholesterol over 200? +1

27. Is your blood cholesterol over 240? +2

28. Men - is your HDL less than 45? +2

29. Women - is your HDL less than 55? +2

30. Has your vision noticeably deteriorated? +1

31. Do you have frequent urination? +1

32. Do you have digestive problems? +1

33. Does the skin on your face, neck, upper arms, and abdomen appear to hang? +2

34. Do you think you look older than your age mates? +1

35. Do you have celllulite on your thighs? +1

36. Is your blood pressure normal? -2

37. Do you need haircuts less frequently? +1

38. Does it seem to take a long time for cuts, bruises to heal or for wounds to close? +1

39. Do you seem to have less strength for gripping or lifting? +2

40. Is your endurance less? +2

41. Is your breathing more labored when you exercise hard? +3

42. Do you find the longer you live, the better you feel about life? -2

Ages 45 to 54 Add 1

Ages 55 to 64 Add 2

Ages 65 and above Add 3 Total __________

If 14 and below: you are doing well and your complaints are within normal range of daily living.

If 15-22, the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program may help forestall some of the problems of aging.

If 23-30, HRT with HGh may reverse some problems of aging you are already encountering. Schedule a visit with Dr. Sutanto and have your IGF-1 levels checked.

If 31 or above, run, do not walk to an anti-aging physician. Chances are your levels of growth hormone are severely deficient. Hormone Replacement Therapy plus HGH will be of great value to you.

Please use the contact us link to send us your scores and we will return your email or phone call. Thank you.

Hormone Enhancement Self Test