Facts About Ionized Alkalined Water or Kangen Water

The best way to physical transformation is drinking the right water -Ionized Alkalined Water

IAW is hexagonal in shape. It is considered to be the healthiest water in the world to drink. (Fish, plankton and algae quickly die in de-ionized, distilled pentagonal water.)

IAW has a very alkaline PH. It can be 100 times more alkaline than all other water. Alkaline water removes acidosis from the body, which is the cause of most diseases which helps your physical transformation.

IAW has super conductive properties. Only IAW holds an electrical charge. This is what gives water its vitality. IAW has positive polarity. Almost all other water is negative in its polarity. Only positive polarity water can efficiently flush out toxins and poisons in the body at the cellular level.

IAW is highly positively charged. This allows the cells to efficiently transmit photons to each other. This allows productive cell-to-cell communication. IAW has millions of hydroxyl ions per glass. No other water has this incredible benefit. Hydroxyl ions “neutralize” free radicals in the body.

15% of the population in Japan who drink IAW has a 10+ year longer life expectancy than those in the United States.

One glass of IAW can hydrate your body better than one gallon of any other water.

IAW alkalizes your body better than any other method (eating 100% of organic and raw vegetables.) IAW removes damaging free radicals from your body more efficiently than consuming bottles of Vitamin C.

IAW oxygenates your body more efficiently than any other oxygen therapy. IAW can flush toxins out of your body better and with considerably less negative effect than any other detox program or protocol.

Cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, renal disease, cardio-vascular disease are all slowed, stopped and in most circumstances reversed when drinking IAW (Ionized Alkalined Water).


Physical Transformation and the Right Water