Stress Management

Stress affects your health. 50% or more adult Americans suffer adverse health effects from stress. 90% of illness and disease are stress-related.

STRESS is linked to 6 leading causes of death:

1. Heart Disease

2. Cancer

3. Lung Ailments

4. Accidents

5. Cirrhosis of the Liver

6. Suicide

Five Components of Stress:

1. Physical:

a) Trauma/Injury

b) Normal wear and tear

c) Repetitive minor trauma

2. Chemical:

a) Air

b) Water

c) Food

d) Drug

Impaired human biochemistry upset the enzymes and hormonal action, creating neurological and physiological stress.

3. Emotional:

a) Anger Management

b) Prioritize your commitments

c) Evaluate your dependency level

d) Walk and talk it out

e) Seek professional guidance

4. Neurological

5. Physiological

Stress Management