Physical Transformation: The Key to Permanent Fat Loss

How can we have permanent fat loss? People become fatter as they get older, but not necessarily heavier. Concurrent with age-related increase in body fat, men and women experience a loss of muscle called SARCOPENIA. From young adult to old age, we lose approximately 30% of muscle mass. Because women have less muscle mass than men, sarcopenia has more severe physiological effects.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Many people remain about the same weight as they get older. As body fat increases, they become fatter, “mushier” and weaker. For those who gain weight as they get older, the weight gain indicates that they are growing fatter so rapidly that fat gain is outpacing the loss of muscle, despite the fact that muscle weighs more than fat.

What does matter is body composition, not weight. Body fat percentage is a measure of body composition, unlike weight. Body fat percentage addresses the all-important question of what your body is made of and provides insight into the status of your health.

The Core of Physical Transformation includes: Diet, Exercise, Life Style Modification

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Physical Transformation