Alternative Medicine & the Immune System

The second advanced ingredient is muramyl peptides. Muramyl peptides, tiny natural compounds found in the cell walls of bacteria, help the human immune system identify bacteria, viruses and other objects as foreign. Muramyl peptides help to activate Natural Killer cells, the cells that attack and destroy many threats to the human system. Active Natural Killer cells are more prepared to move rapidly to the body’s defense.

The third ingredient that completes this trifecta is Beta 1,3 glucans. Beta 1,3 glucans can be extracted from a variety of natural sources, including yeast, grains (including oats), seaweed and mushrooms. Oat beta glucans activate immune cells by connecting directly with receptors on circulating immune cells to promote their activity. These, though not typically well known, are the most powerful immune compounds that can enhance immune system functioning. While calcium D-glucarate detoxifies the system, it also prepares the way for muramyl peptides to support healthy immune function and for the beta 1,3 glucans to activate it. These unique ingredients could very well be the answer to our immune health struggle. The supplement we recommend to patients is the most comprehensive wellness formula with the proprietary immune blend, bold levels of vitamins and minerals, and herbs to help support the differing needs of men and women.

Taken together, calcium D-glucarate, muramyl peptides, and beta 1,3 glucans form a synergy that can enhance the functioning of the immune system.

Alternative Medicine and the Immune System