Anti-Aging Medicine - How does it work?

Anti-Aging Medicine Will Work - Why?

Chronic inflammatory processes work on the organ reserve. Examples of this are arteriosclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. Anti-aging medicines will help to stop these processes.

Antiaging medicine will work on the effect of oxidation damage on the molecules, cells and organs of the body. This goes hand-in-hand with inflammatory events. One example of chronic oxidative stress which leads to the unhealthy aging process is tobacco use.

As many as 25% of the population have a predisposition to diabetes or inefficient glucose metabolism. Many have insulin resistance, a pre-diabetic state that is independently associated with an accleration of age-related illnesses. Do you want to help reverse this?

Methylation is very common and a very important biochemical activity in the body. A byproduct of methylation activity is a chemical called homocysteine. Elevated homocysteine levels greatly accelerate arteriosclerosis and aging. The proper nutritional supplement will lower it to a safe level.

There is a decline in the function of the immune system when we age. This results in a greater susceptibility to infectious diseases and cancer. We can identify those individuals who would benefit from specific supplements designed to enhance immune function.

Our digestive process is important in obtaining adequate nutrition from our diets. As we age, we may develop insufficiencies of hydrochloric acid as a digestive enzyme. Also the living organisms within our intestinal tract need to be in an appropriate balance for optimal health. The proper probiotic will assist in this.

The ability to remove unwanted chemicals from the body is very important. This process is called detoxification, so as people age, they may need support in optimizing the detoxification process.

Food allergies cause difficulty digesting certain foods or may be secondary to a lack of digestive enzymes.

Dr. Sutanto is a certified nutritionist who can help you find the proper supplements to assist you.

Anti-Aging Medicine