Benefits of Alternative and Chiropractic Medicine

Here are the benefits of Alternative and Chiropractic Medicine from our patients' point of view.

We started on the Kangen Water in July, 2008. Shortly thereafter, we started on Juice Plus and Orenda products. Our doctor and dentist saw our health improve and asked us what we were doing. We are both in our 50's and have seen no more high blood sugar, no more "fatty" liver, healthy gums, no acid reflux, healthier hair, gained regularity and belly fat disappeared. We feel better than we have in years. - Steve and Becky

Thank you! I have been living with chronic neck & shoulder pain for years and no previous chiropractic care gave me relief. I was resigned to live with pain. By accident, I learned of your practice and wanted to try one more time. I was impressed with your knowledge and approach and after only 3 visits, the reduction in pain was unbelievable!!! The importance you place on informing and empowering your patients to return to good health is impressive!! -- Kay

I have been a recreational kickboxer and self-defense instructor, but I have had a recurring pain in my hips for 10 years. No amount of stretches, exercises or massages could combat this. My wife (yes, my wife) forced me to go to Dr. Sutanto. He methodically found the source of pain and found the solution. I am 100% better and doing what I need to do to keep the pain from returning. You won't be sorry for giving him a chance -- Theodore

What happens when you are knocked off balance? I have struggled with osteoarthritis since I was young, which has affected my hips, back and knees. I require chiropractic adjustments because I refuse to give up my first love, sand volleyball. I trust Dr. Sutanto with my care. He is accessible. He provides the newest technology with old-world tradition which delivers the maximum results. I leave his office feeling good and feeling balanced. Thank you --- Ann

Benefits of Chiropractic Medicine