Hormone Enhancement - Part II

Hormone Enhancement Supplementation - Nutrients that safely boost the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels, by combining the proper amount of certain nutrients in a specially designed formula. They are all natural and without side effects like synthetic hormone therapies. The link between HGH and obesity may finally explain why middle-aged people “battle the bulge” even if they increase physical activity and reduce caloric intake.

Is there a Fountain of Youth?

Now we go back to our science classes---What is surprising to most of us, despite its small size, the pea-sized, pituitary gland is one of the endocrine system’s main players. The pituitary gland produces a variety of hormones that control bodily functions such as metabolism, body temperature, sexual function, thyroid and adrenal function, reproductive health and the activity of a variety of other hormones. A healthy pituitary is also responsible for producing HGH. So…

Hormone supplementation