Anti-Aging Diet Strategies

Diet – What is your first reaction to the word “diet”? Deprivation? –

Not on this plan. You can use food to stimulate the fat burning and muscle building hormones with our revolutionary, NON-RESTRICTIVE dietary program designed to maximize the effects on hormone levels.

Dietary Strategies:

1. Reshaping your body and combating aging:

a) Maximize fat loss without sacrificing lean body mass

b) The anabolic effect in action

c) Protecting Protein: anticatabolic : anti-aging effect

2. Increasing energy levels improving athletic performance:

a) High energy levels while losing fat

b) More fat loss from exercises

c) Avoiding the pitfalls of cutting weight for athletes

3. Promoting Health

4. Subduing Cravings:

a) Real Hunger

b) Hormonal hunger dealing with blood sugar levels and serotonin

5. Hormone Enhancement Eating Plan –a lifetime dietary strategy

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Dietary Strategies