Anti-Aging Exercise

The Two Types of Exercises:

1) Aerobic

2) Anaerobic/Resistance Exercises


Aerobic exercises burn more fat than resistances exercises while you are exercising.

Both aerobic and resistance exercises raise the metabolic rate for a period of time after exercising.

Resistance Exercise is substantially more powerful with post-exercise metabolic elevation persisting for 15 hours and sometimes for as long as 24, even 48 hours after a resistance training session ends.

Intensity is the key factor accounting for why weight training outdistances endurance training as a metabolic stimulus:

1) Higher intensity/low duration vs. low intensity/higher duration

2) More intense training sessions of lesser duration vs. less intense training sessions of greater duration

3) Muscle vs. calories

4) Muscle vs. fat

5) Best strategy for achieving maximum permanent fat loss

Anti-Aging Exercise